Daniel Brake, Clinical Site Supervisor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor (LMFT-S). License number 201994 (Texas).

Daniel Brake is the Austin Concierge Therapy Clinical Site supervisor.  He supervises all graduate interns and associate level marriage and family therapists, by meeting with them each week to guide them through their more difficult client therapy cases.  

Daniel has a passion for helping therapists find their niche and really work their craft.  He is trained in the Gottman Method for Couples Counseling, as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  

Daniel is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapy Supervisor in the State of Texas, with License number 201994.   

Daniel Brake

Daniel completed his undergraduate work at the University of Texas and his graduate work at St Edward’s University, to earn his M.A. Counseling (in 2012).    He is certified Level III by the Gottman Institute, which is a top research-based organization that uses a goal-oriented approach to healing relationships.  Daniel teaches his interns and associates how to help couples by reducing conflict, improving communication, rebuilding trust and intimacy, and healing relationships.

Daniel said if he were ever to go back and get his PhD, it would be in Clinical Supervision.  “He is an incredible mentor who has deep experience and will tell you where his knowledge begins and ends.  He’s a truly remarkable supervisor!” – Marc Geronimo

If you’re interested in a therapy consult with Daniel, you can read more about him at DanielBrakeTherapy.com.

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