Marc Geronimo, Healer, Mystic, Hypnotherapist

Marc taps into the mystical and uses cutting edge psychological tools to open the door to transformation

The Geronimo Method

Marc is the founder of the Geronimo Method for healing and transformation. The Geronimo Method helps people experience transformational breakthroughs in their underlying psychology, removing blind spots, releasing stuck emotions, and opening the door to the overall expansion of consciousness.

Marc’s approach is to help people become free of their emotional reactions (especially the recurring significant over reactions) and break free from the tyrannical grip of their past wounds, the ones that are still showing up in their daily lives and causing them to see the world through a refracted lens.    

Marc Geronimo Therapist Psychologist

He also works to help identify conditioning and beliefs that his clients have inherited from their families which are NOT consistent with the client’s core nature.   Often these shifts feel so big that client’s will say things like, “Wow. I think that was a life lesson. I feel so much lighter.”

The common thread that weaves together Marc’s work is the concept of core authenticity. He believes that the more true to ourselves we become, without the old wounds, conditioning, and societal pressures (such as needing to be seen as a ‘nice guy’ or needing approval from others) the more whole and joyful we become in everyday life.

Marc’s toolset is always evolving, but one thing all the tools have in common is the need for clients to embrace their vulnerability and be ready to take some leaps of faith. Clients that choose to work with Marc are stepping boldly into their own hero’s journey. It’s not for the faint of heart.

The Geronimo Method systematically strips away all that is not really us. All the old stories, stuck energy, feelings of victimhood, etc. Out of our energy, out of our minds, out of the lenses through which we see the world, the wounds and burdens and stresses of the past -assaults, etc.

Once all of that is stripped away, we are much more authentic, much more real with everyone. We’re willing to be more vulnerable, and share more of ourselves with everyone around us. Marc believes this core authenticity is the solution to so many of the world’s problems, especially our own personal recurring struggles.

Credentials and Training

Marc is not a clinical psychologist or a licensed marriage and family therapist. He is a healer, mystic, and hypnotherapist. In the Native American culture, he may be called a medicine man or in east Indian culture they might refer to him as a shaman. He has always had an uncanny innate ability to help people heal and grow. He uses his mystical connection and cutting edge psychological tools and processes to open the door for transformation.

Specifically, he uses a process of emotion and event reprocessing, the Geronimo Method, which incorporates elements of EMDR, Hypnosis, and shamanic intuitive insights as well as energy healing, as his current core toolset to help clients find what’s beneath the surface psychologically that keeps getting in their way.

He has been a practicing hypnotherapist for over 10 years. He uses hypnotherapy and gestalt based techniques, combined with neuro-linguistic programming to find the root cause of his client’s unwanted reactions and behaviors and help them resolve lifelong troubling emotion and behavior patterns.

Here are a few of his trainings and credentials:

  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. (NLP)
  • Master Practitioner of Gestalt based Hypnotherapy (for deeper work)
  • Emotion Matrix Certified Practitioner (for old stuck emotions)
  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner (for past wounds and betrayals)
  • Experiential and Emotional Reprocessing (to reprocess past traumatic events and harvest insights)
  • Certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner (direct energy work)
  • Imago Trained (for couples, dating, and deep relationship work)

Overall Approach and Who He Can Help

Marc believes that the great majority of issues that cause us to suffer in life can be traced back to a root cause (or two) in our psyche. It could be a past traumatic experience that needs to be processed in order to release the negatively charged emotions and behavior patterns associated with it or a coping mechanism that we’ve long outgrown that blocks us from feeling happy and free on a daily basis.

Marc works a lot with mentoring children and teens, helping to undo any past emotional damage, as well as, coaching them through the most challenging years of their young lives. Teens especially benefit from his kind fathering nature.

Marc is a father of three who has spent hundreds of hours doing his own deep psychological work around being a father. The result is that he’s able to help adolescents release much of their fear and reconnect with their core nature, so they can transition into adulthood from a place of authenticity and wholeness.

He uses these same principles in his work with men. Many men were not properly fathered and/or mothered during their adolescence and so remain stuck somewhere along their hero’s journey.  

Marc’s wife calls him the benevolent alpha, a man who has moved with conviction through his own hero’s journey from young knight to middle prince and now into the king stage, with eyes on becoming an elder.

Marc knows the emotional pain, feelings of loss, and the tremendous fear that accompanies each man on this journey. He’s both empathetic and driven with his clients. One of Marc’s long-time client’s said, “Marc is a universally-guided relentless troubleshooter. He uses whatever tool will get the job done and along the way he somehow manages to stay connected with his clients, helping them through the ups and downs of their own personal journeys.”

Marc has a deep reverence for the courageous men who choose to do this work along side him.

Marc's Background

Marc holds a BA in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and he is a former United States Marine. He currently teaches as a second degree blackbelt instructor at Villari’s Martial Arts in beautiful Steiner Ranch in Austin, Texas. Aside from his practice, he is also a serial entrepreneur, who has created, bought, and sold hi-tech businesses in the 6 and 7 figures. He continues to enjoy great success in business as an Internet entrepreneur.

Marc was inspired by his first experience seeing a psychologist as a freshman in high school. Since then he has personally used mentors, therapists, and professional coaches to help him continually improve his relationships, finances, parenting skills, and businesses. He strongly believes that with the right mentors, some great psychological tools, and a little luck, anything that happens to us in this life can be healed and will make us stronger.

How To Get Started

In order to get started with Marc, you can email him directly at with any questions or you can setup a free 20 minute call to discuss your specific situation.  If you’re feeling bold and want to jump in with both feet, you can just email Marc and tell him a little about yourself, as well as, some available times for your initial appointment.

Marc’s standard 50 Minute session rate is $222.  

He also works with select clients doing Deep Dive sessions that last from 90 minutes up to three hours or longer if needed.  These sessions are intentionally designed not to have a specific time limit.  The deep dives are tailored to go deep fast and often use transformational tools such as the Geronimo Method of hypnotherapy and experiential and emotional reprocessing.  Some clients prefer deep dive sessions every few weeks, rather than a standard, time constrained weekly appointment.  The Deep Dive session rate is $555.

Marc is also available for one and two day immersion events for individuals and couples who have specific outcomes that they want to target immediately.  Immersions are designed to open the door to significant breakthroughs that would normally take months to achieve using traditional methods.  One and two day immersion sessions are tailored to each individual and session fees are specific to each case.

NOTE: Marc is not in-network for any insurance providers and does not accept insurance of any kind

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