Divorce and Recovery Therapy in Austin Texas

Our Process

We take our clients through a systematic process before, during, and after a divorce.  Obviously people need different types of support in these three different phases of divorce.

Honestly, before and during a divorce, especially if it’s contentious or includes a legal battle for assets and custody, our clients need an urgent high level of care.   We’re typically putting out fires each and every week.  In some extreme cases, even twice a week.

Goals During The Divorce Process

Our goal is to support you emotionally, while guiding you through these turbulent times.  Remember, it’s temporary!  This isn’t our first rodeo.  So you can depend on our team for both wise counsel and expert help managing your mental health along the way.

We are also available to help prep you for trial, if your lawyer recommends it.  Psychological preparation before a trial is incredibly helpful when there’s a lot on the line.  Our approach is to find the emotional triggers that could be exploited in court and help you resolve them ahead of time.

Finally, we may also be available to testify in court on your behalf, if needed.  We make the judgement call on a case-by-case basis and with your permission can discuss the details with your lawyer.

Post Divorce Recovery

Post divorce, after the clouds clear, you can expect our focus to change significantly.  Once you’re out of crisis mode, it’s time to focus on healing the wounds from the rough parts of the marriage.  In this stage, our therapists have two goals:  (1) heal the wounds, especially the really old ones and (2) build lots and lots of confidence.  This approach is designed to ensure you’re whole and healthy.  That way, when the time comes to date again, you’re ready to attract a much more desirable partner.

The last thing we want is for you to find a carbon copy of your ex and do it all over again!  Unfortunately, it really does happen.  You probably even know someone who’s done it.

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