Sex Therapy in Austin Texas

Top Sex Therapy & Couples Counseling Credentials - AASECT & Imago

At Austin Concierge Therapy, we focus on issues that come up around sex that broadly include but are not limited to issues around communication, lack or loss of sexual desire, trauma around molestation and sexual assault, sexual function and orgasm/anorgasmia, anatomical and physiological conditions (physical disabilities, pelvic floor issues, ED, delayed ED, vaginismus, vulvodynia, IC, IBS, arthritis, etc), kink, BDSM, Daddy/Littles, D/S dynamics & 24/7, depending on what comes up for individuals, couples, families, and ENM.  

sex therapy in austin

Sara Sloan, LMFT, CST is an AASECT certified sex therapist; she is also a certified sex therapist through the Sexual Health Alliance, as well as an Imago Certified Couple’s Therapist and an Imago Certified Facilitator.  AASECT sex therapy certification is considered the gold standard, and is the highest level of certification achieved in sex therapy, which involves at least three additional years of training and supervision hours.  Currently, there are only thirteen AASECT certified therapists in Austin

In addition, Sloan previously taught at Columbia University in their University Writing Program, where she taught classes that centered around gender and sexuality in identity and writing.  She currently contributes as a sexual health expert to the Kama Sutra section in Cosmopolitan Magazine, as well as writing as an sexual Health and Relationship Expert for Marie Claire’s online version, Mind Body Green. She also writes and contributes to ZocDoc, Elite Daily, Kinkly, Women’s Health, and others. She incorporates the latest sex therapy research into her work with clients and her writing.  Sloan works from an attachment based lens, while incorporating elements from Imago Relationship Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, SIBAM/EMDR, Feminist Therapy, and Narrative Therapy.   Text Sara @ (512) 888-1011 to schedule a consult.

You can find many of her writings collected here.

Marc Geronimo is a 12-year experienced and certified Hypnotherapist and a Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, who is completing his PhD in Sex Therapy.  He works primarily with complex trauma/complex PTSD and has an expertise in working to heal sexual trauma both in individuals, couples, and family systems.  He is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programing and is also an Imago Certified Couple’s Therapist and an Imago Certified Facilitator; he also uses Internal Family Systems to do parts integration work. He uses a combination of the skills to help individuals, couples, and families move past trauma that is blocking them from connecting to themselves, their partners, and their families.  

In addition, Geronimo served in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed in Okinawa, Japan.  He completed his MBA at the San Diego State University and previously worked in the tech industry, while buying, growing, and selling companies as a serial entrepreneur.  Geronimo has been published for his hypnotherapy work on Erectile Dysfunction.  He also uses hypnotherapy/EMDR work to help with female sexual issues, such as vaginismus and anorgasmia.   Text Marc @ (512) 940-5525 to schedule a consult.

Coral Gutierrez is our graduate intern completing her Masters in Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has been seeing clients for 2 years and she has experience working with individuals and couples with all kinds of challenges. Some of the areas she has worked with are communication, connection, polyamory, affair recovery, sexual/intimacy issues, LGBTQIA+ relationships, separation/divorce and general relationship issues. She pulls from various modalities and combines her intuition and skills to help individuals, couples and families overcome their challenges. Coral enjoys using Gottman exercises, Imago Dialogue, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. Text Coral @ (512) 810-7056 to schedule a consult.

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