These FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of how we work

Do I really need therapy?  I can usually handle my problems.

Most successful people could really benefit from therapy at some point in their lives.  Even the most driven people can eventually get blindsided and knocked off course.  It really just depends on how quickly you want to get back on track.  For others, maybe their business or work life is a 10/10, but their intimate life is starting to get lackluster.  Often times as we focus diligently on one area of our lives, another area starts to suffer.  Now and then, it can be helpful to get a little guidance along the way.

Do I have to commit to seeing my therapist for a certain period of time?

No.  Definitely not.  After your first therapy appointment, you'll have the chance to reflect on your session as well as whether the therapist was a good fit for you.  Successful therapy generally requires that you have a strong emotional connection with your therapist and a deep feeling of trust.  Anytime after your first appointment you can text your therapist or just login to the user portal at actclients.com and book another session or try a different therapist.

What can I expect in my first session, when I see a therapist?

In your first session, you can expect to share some of the challenges you may be facing right now.  Our goal is to establish a strong rapport, so you feel comfortable sharing at a deeper level than normal conversation.  After that, we normally take a little time to get to know each other.  This can be more formal where I ask you questions in order to establish an understanding of your history, any past therapy and/or issues that you've already resolved.  And, of course, you'll get a chance to ask me questions as well.

How is payment handled?

At ACT, we use a simple automated payment system.  Once you complete your intake forms and sign the disclosures online (at actclients.com), you will enter your credit card into our secure encrypted system.  After your first appointment, the system will automatically charge your credit card that evening.  You will not have to take any further action, unless you want to update your credit card info, which you can do in the user portal anytime.

You are also welcome to pay with cash or check at the time of the appointment and the therapist will note it in the system, so your credit card is not charged.  Just make your check out to Austin Concierge Therapy.

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