Dr. Cliff Porter, MD, PhD

Medical Director at Austin Concierge Therapy & Founder of Texas Direct Medical Care

Dr. Cliff Porter is the Medical Director at Austin Concierge Therapy.  He is an MD/PhD and founder of Texas Direct Medical Care, which is a Direct Primary Care clinic.  He is board certified in Family Medicine.

Prior to opening Texas Direct Medical Care, Dr. Porter was medical director for several urgent care clinics in Travis County. 

Cliff Porter, MD, PhD

Dr. Porter is also a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.  Before settling in Austin, Dr. Porter was an Army physician stationed at Ft. Hood, practicing full-service family medicine.

Dr. Porter and Texas Direct Medical Care share the same office space with Austin Concierge Therapy, so our clients have the benefit of having a physician available for emergency consults.

His Approach

Dr. Porter has a very warm bedside manner and can explain complex situations with ease.  He was a professor before becoming a Medical Doctor, so his ability to communicate and understand your situation is well above average.  Most patients find that quite refreshing.  In his membership-based primary care practice (that works like an unlimited gym membership) he and his team of PA’s and medical assistants work as a team with you to give you the best solutions for your medical needs.  The team uses texts to communicate and update prescriptions.  There are no co-pays and the even handle urgent care visits during their normal business hours.

Patient Experiences

Dr. Porter's Background

Dr. Porter served in the active duty U.S. Army in both Officer and Enlisted ranks.  He earned a PhD in Political Philosophy before becoming a Medical Doctor. He currently holds the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve as a practicing physician.

He spent some of his time growing up on the Canadian Prarie, which is obvious by his warmth and easy bedside manner.

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