Roxy Stasney, Marriage and Family Therapy

Currently working as an Executive Coach while preparing to sit for her MFT licensure exam

Roxy is an Austin-based Texas native and graduate of St Edward’s University with a Masters degree in Counseling. She is currently preparing for the licensed marriage and family therapy exam.

Roxy’s clients describe her as an open, kind-hearted, and wicked smart therapist, who pushes herself to grow and evolve right along side them.  She creates a safe container of non-judgment and warmth.

Roxy has enjoyed working with a variety of individuals, families, couples and groups. She specializes in narcissistic abuse recovery, family of origin and attachment-related issues, identity exploration and non-violent communication-based couples counseling. Guided by research on the nervous system and the importance of attunement in relationships, she helps clients gain a deeper understanding of what may be driving dysfunctional patterns of relating to self and others.

This understanding empowers clients to forge new paths of connecting and healing. As Gabor Mate MD writes, “attunement is the real language of love,” and through understanding this language, we can more deeply relate to and hold space for others and ourselves.

Roxy Stasney Marriage and Family Therapist

For a consult, text Roxy 512-779-1396

Roxy’s Approach

Trained in marriage and family counseling, Roxy’s approach is formed from a systemic perspective which views individuals as part relational systems that interact with and influence our perception of self, perception of other, and the world around us. She is particularly interested in the ways we relate to ourselves and how this relationship can mirror our relationship to other people, behaviors, substances, and thought patterns.

She enjoys exploring these connections with clients to help them gain a deeper understanding of patterns that are no longer working for them. This process helps to imbue clients with an increased sense of the agency and freedom to create the life and relationships they want, while feeling supported in making changes that reflect lasting growth and healing.

A mixed-media artist and wood sculptor in her spare time, she draws from and values the creative process in her work. She appreciates that the journey, not the destination, is where the healing happens and she feels honored to walk next to clients for any part of their healing journey.

Clients who work with Roxy report:

  • Deeper insight and understanding of dysfunctional relational patterns
  • Gaining functional tools for coping with difficult emotions
  • Facilitation of greater self love, appreciation and acceptance of self
  • Healing from abusive relationships
  • Moving from insecure or avoidant attachment patterns to secure
  • Increased feelings of agency and choice
  • Feeling supported through making important changes in routine, exercise, and overall wellness
  • Increased sense of self trust

Other issues she enjoys helping clients work through:

  • Codependency
  • Boundaries
  • Dating woes/relationship struggles
  • Intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • Difficult relationships with family of origin
  • Healing and learning from relationships
  • Healing and understanding issues stemming from systemic oppression and racial injustice
  • LGBTQIA ++ specific issues
  • Neurodivergence, ADHD, adults with autism
  • Understanding sexual and communication differences
  • Identity exploration
  • Artistic expression and the creative drive as a mode of healing
  • Religious trauma and cult recovery
  • Navigating loss and major life transitions
  • Burner community/alternative lifestyle/departure from status quo/discovering the authentic self
  • Destructive behavioral patterns
  • Body image and self esteem
  • Non-monogamy, kink, and other non-traditional relationship styles

Roxy’s Background

In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Counseling from St. Edwards University, Roxy also holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology from the University of Texas in Austin. She’s lived in Austin since 2005 and has enjoyed keeping it weird ever since, exploring and celebrating her own identity through radical self expression and 10 years+ involvement in the local burner community. When she’s not working or creatively collaborating, she loves sitting on the porch with her roommate and cats Wyatt and Grimm or painting rooms in her house new and vibrant colors.

For a free Zoom consult, text Roxy at (512) 779-1396.

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