Couples Therapy in Austin

Specialists in Couples Counseling using Imago Relationship Therapy

Austin Concierge Therapy specializes in couples and relationship therapy.  All three therapists are specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy with a focus on Imago Relationship Therapy with additional elements pulled in from GottmanImago Relationship Therapy is based in attachment theory, so it helps couples learn to communicate in an organized and safe container taking anger out of the process. We believe that by creating a strong attachment first, this attachment provides the foundation that couples and families require before addressing much more difficult aspects in their relationship such as trauma, infidelity, past betrayals, difficult family dynamics, intergenerational trauma, sexual issues, and more.  It allows each person to be equally heard in a way many haven’t before, and it often allows deeper healing to occur through the simple act of listening.  

Couples Counseling Austin

In Imago Relationship Therapy, the focus is on the relationship itself, as opposed to each individual.  We work on bringing back the love, communication, safety, and connection into every relationship.  Once the connection and attachment is achieved, then we begin the process of working through whatever issues have come up in the process by learning a new form of communication called dialoguing.  Our goal is to teach the clients how to dialogue on their own over time, by teaching clients the skills they need to sustain the relationship they came in with, as well as others in their life. 

Imago also helps us begin to understand how and why we choose our partners.  By understanding why, we can begin to understand what it is that we need to heal.  Imago helps us heal in relationships, so we can begin to work through past hurts and trauma together.  Rather than allowing these difficulties to come between us, Imago helps you find ways to move and grow through them together.

The Couples Counselors

Sara Sloan, LMFT, CST is a Certified Imago Therapist and a Certified Imago Facilitator and an AASECT certified sex therapist.  She uses Imago Relationship Therapy with couples, families, and poly groups/ENM to help address issues that come between them or that need to be discussed in a deeper intentional way.  She finds Imago to be particularly useful in sex therapy due the emotional safety provided by this modality, as well as its foundation in attachment.  She uses Imago to help facilitate communication in a safe way around topics that otherwise feel overwhelming due to the weight of the past or feelings stemming from frustration, betrayal, pain, and shame.  Text Sara @ (512) 888-1011 to schedule a consult.

Marc Geronimo is a certified Hypnotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Intern,  a certified Imago Therapist, and a certified Imago Facilitator.  He uses Imago Relationship Therapy with his couples, families, business clients and ENM groups to help them heal from trauma, complex trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD, and to communicate more effectively around past betrayals, shame, and other difficult subjects.  Marc has trained directly with the founders of Imago, Harville Hendrix,PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD, and believes it helps heal through better communication, curiosity, compassion, empathy  and understanding.   Text Marc @ (512) 940-5525 to schedule a consult.

Coral Gutierrez is our graduate intern completing her Masters in Counseling in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has been seeing clients for 2 years and she has experience working with individuals and couples with all kinds of challenges. Some of the areas she has worked with are communication, connection, polyamory, affair recovery, sexual/intimacy issues, LGBTQIA+ relationships, separation/divorce and general relationship issues. She pulls from various modalities and combines her intuition and skills to help individuals, couples and families overcome their challenges. Coral enjoys using Gottman exercises, Imago Dialogue, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy.  Text Coral @ (512) 810-7056 to schedule a consult.

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